Tips for Hosting a Great Family Reunion

If you have been assigned the task of planning this year’s family reunion, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed and unsure about what you should do. You want the family reunion to be memorable, relaxing, and a time to reminisce and make new memories. You also want everyone to feel comfortable. If the above list sounds like a tall order, the following article may be able to help you out, as it outlines some tips for hosting a great family reunion down to the very last detail. Don’t forget one of the most important aspects of any family reunion: the Sanijohn Portable Toilets!

Tips for Hosting a Great Family Reunion

Planning a family reunion can be an overwhelming task, but with a little preparation and a bit of delegation, you will be on your way to a great family reunion in no time! The following list outlines a few tips to help you get started, and for this year’s family reunion to be the best that it can be without stressing you out.

  • Delegate and assign whenever possible: Just because you are assigned to plan this year’s family reunion does not mean that you must do everything on your own. Meals are an easy assignment that you can delegate to others. Your job will be coordinating and making sure that all bases are covered, but others can make the meals and bring them in. Whenever possible, delegate tasks to make your job as the family reunion coordinator less stressful and overwhelming.
  • Plan a unifying activity: If you have a large extended family, you may notice that relatives will seem to “clan” together, and socializing outside of circles in which one is comfortable will not happen often. If you want this family reunion to be memorable, you want everyone to bond together and share memories. In order to get the ball rolling, you need some sort of unifying activity that will draw everyone together. There are many ways to do this, and you can find a lot of ideas on the Internet. One such idea is to assign each family member a number. This number is the number in which they were added to the family. This includes children, grandchildren, and spouses. It is a great way to tie everyone together and show how such a large group of people all stemmed from the trunk of the same tree. This is just one idea of many that you could come up with.
  • Create a theme: A theme will solidify the reunion and make it fun as well. Create games, treats, and activities around this theme. It is easy to go overboard, but everyone will be having so much fun they will not mind.
  • Take pictures: Pictures are a must at your family reunion. This is a time to take priceless pictures, not only for the attendees, but for family history and genealogy as well. You can even take pictures of family members in groups, and be sure to get multi-generational shots in as well, as these kinds of pictures are so precious and rare.
  • Locate the right rentals: When you are coordinating an event with 50-100 people in attendance, certain measures must be taken to ensure that everyone is comfortable and sanitary. You may need to rent tables and chairs for the event, and most likely Sanijohn Portable Toilets will be necessary. These are the types of things that often get overlooked or forgotten, so make sure that you make rental equipment a priority and book them well in advance of the family reunion.

How to Care for Your Iron Fence or Gate

Many homes feature ornamental iron fencing around their property. Iron is a strong, durable metal that holds up well under the elements and can complement just about any type of house or landscape. You usually don’t have to do much to care for your architectural metal in Indianapolis, but there are a few simple rules you should follow to keep the metal looking its best.


Keep It Clean


The best way to protect your fencing is to keep it clean. Dirt, dust, pollen, and other small particles build up on the metal over time and create tiny scratches in the surface. Clean your fence with a gentle detergent, rinse it off, and let it dry thoroughly. Use a toothbrush to get to any hard-to-reach areas. Layers of dirt can also conceal rust and other problems, so cleaning your fence regularly allows you to spot these issues before they get out of control. You can also help by making sure you don’t allow weeds or other plants to take over your fence. Keep the grass trimmed neatly and don’t let trees or bushes grow too close to your fence.


Apply a Protective Coating


One of the drawbacks of iron is that it’s susceptible to rusting in humid climates, or if it’s exposed to a lot of rain. Applying a protective coating on your fence forms a barrier against the moisture and prevents rust from developing. You can find a variety of these at your local hardware or home improvement store. Painting your fence can often work just as well. If you live in a warm, dry climate, don’t expect your fence to be completely safe. Fencing around your pools can easily become rusted, even if the outside air is generally dry. A protective coating on your fence can also help protect it from scratches due to blowing sand.


Look for Damage


Make sure to regularly inspect your fence for damage so you can address any problems while they’re still small. Small scratches or rust spots can be sanded away and covered with a protective coating of wax or paint so they’re not as visible. Rust has a tendency to spread down your fence if you don’t catch it quickly, so it’s important to stop its progress as soon as you catch it. You should also check for areas where the iron may have become bent out of shape. Although architectural metal in Indianapolis is a sturdy building material, it can still be damaged under enough pressure. Check your gates and any other moving parts to make sure they are clean and working properly. These problems will usually have to be fixed by a professional, but if you’re careful to keep your iron fencing clean and dry, you shouldn’t have to worry about most of these issues.

How to Buy Educational Toys

Toys are often not taken seriously because they are thought of as items of recreation and amusement. They are often not recognized as learning tools. Children learn through engaging in the environment and using their imagination. That’s why they benefit from toys, as any educator or parent will tell you. The trick is to find the right toys that are educational and helpful to a child’s growth and development. If you need a buying guide for these sort of toys, read on for more info.

Construction Blocks

Building blocks are used by children of all ages. Toddlers and younger kids develop motor skills and dexterity by picking up ABC blocks with numbers and letters. They are also introduced to math and reading. Lincoln logs help young ones learn about physics and architecture. Plus, one is able to use their imagination as they construct all sorts of buildings. Legos serve numerous purposes since you can create virtually anything from these tiny blocks. Legos are recommended for children ages 4 to 7, but they can be enjoyed at virtually any age beyond the toddler years. 


Naturally, puzzles help kids use their brain. Puzzles come in many formats. From a young age, children use wooden peg puzzles to learn motor skills. Jigsaw puzzles are there to develop spatial skills and to identify patterns. Over time, a child can progress and work with harder puzzles with more pieces. They may even be able to do 3D puzzles. The subject matter of puzzles can also be instructional. You can learn colors, shapes, and ABCs this way. After doing enough puzzles, a child can feel smarter and more accomplished.

Memory Games

Think about the benefits of matching and memory games. A series of cards are flipped facedown and a player must make matches between pairs. This is a great way to interact with a child and teach them about visual patterns. Of course, it also tests their memory. Some memory games are themed. For instance, you may have to match a baby animal with a parent animal. This is another way to teach your kids something. In this case, it would be the names of animals and the baby names. Another advantage is this can be a solitary activity or it can be a manner in which to bond with your kid. For more info on teaching your kids through games, take a visit to a toy store.


Protect Your Cell Phone with a Quality Case

When you purchase a brand new cell phone, it probably doesn’t matter so much what it looks like on the outside, because chances are you will be purchasing cellphonecases to keep it protected from damage and wear and tear. If you carry your phone in your pocket or even in a backpack or purse, it is going to be exposed to other objects and just the friction alone from moving around all day can wear things down over time.

It is smart to get the protective film to cover the screen on your smartphone because the oils from your fingers and your face can do damage and the screen cover keeps the screen clean and unblemished as well. When you are purchasing a good quality phone, you are investing in a communication device you hope to use for a long time. Buying a case to protect that device is a no-brainer and you will quickly discover how much it does protect your phone the first time you drop it on the cement.

One of the fun things about the different cases available is the wide variety of styles. No matter your personality type, you are going to find the perfect way to express who you are through your cellphone case. If you are not sure where to shop for the perfect case, there are tons of online vendors with photos so you can look for the perfect one to express your style and personality. Everybody is looking for a fun way to express themselves and a phone case is a fun way to express who you are.

The good news is that cellphonecases are fairly affordable, so if you are having a difficult time deciding between two or three, you can just purchase all of them and change things up every few weeks. You will enjoy the fun styles and the peace of mind knowing you have done your part to protect your investment.

The Best of Student Living

You’re so proud your baby’s going to be a Tiger! Not only is she going to a great school, but will only be a couple hours away from you, so she can come home on weekends. Still, though, for her first time living away from you, you want to be sure she’s in a safe and supportive environment. It’s time to investigate her options in apartments near Clemson University.

The first thing to consider is whether she will have a car. If so, she will need a place with parking: covered parking if you can get it. If not, she will need a location in walking distance from campus, or near public transportation. Once you’ve narrowed down the search area by proximity to campus, you can begin looking into apartments within that area.

Obviously, the major concern is safety and quality of life. While off-campus housing is unlikely to have resident advisers like dormitories, some apartment communities do have an ambassador or something akin to an adviser to offer advice, support, and general knowledge about services offered at the school, so your daughter won’t have to feel overwhelmed and alone in a new situation.

Then, of course, you will want to make sure she’s living with other students with similar work and play priorities. Some apartment communities offer roommate matching services so there’s a better chance of creating a harmonious and happy home environment, though you may want to be sure your daughter can secure her own room to increase the chance of success.

After the basic needs are met, you will want to consider amenities. An apartment with its own washer and dryer will save your student a lot of study time, as well as avoiding the hassle of having to lug laundry to a laundromat every week. If your daughter likes to swim and play tennis or volleyball, you may well be able to find a community that offers a pool and tennis or volleyball courts as well. To make matters easier, you may also wish to find a complex that allows rent to be paid online; that way, you can be confident it will be on time, whether you or she is handling it.

Sending a child off to college is a proud moment, to be sure, but it can also be stressful. Ease your burden by diligently seeking the best apartments near Clemson University before she goes.